Lynn Farrar, Chair, Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Association Trust

VISAV were pleased to hear, from Lynn, that numbers of registrations on Alert are now at an all time high in Derbyshire and they are receiving good reports from their members who are happy to have Alert back (a casualty of Austerity in 2015) and to get the information on local crimes again.  Lynn praised PCC, Hardyal Dhindsa, who realised the importance to their members and negotiated with VISAV to reinstate Neighbourhood Alert. This happened three years ago and now all their officers have access to Alert on their hand held devices.

Derbyshire NHW have a central point of contact for all NHW requirements based in Chesterfield Police Station and provide support to over 1450 coordinators. 

How it began
Lynn told us, “I joined Neighbourhood Watch when I moved back to Derbyshire in 2002.  Living in a small village, it enabled me to become part of the community and learn about people and their views.  I soon found that I was getting more involved and quickly found myself on the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN) Board and representing Derbyshire at national meetings.

As a member of the NHWN Board, I was trained as an MSA and used the Alert system to track uptake nationally. 

Lynn’s photo was taken with PCC Hardyal Dhindsa and DCC Paul Gibson at their AGM in 2018.

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