Community Messaging

Why Choose Neighbourhood Alert?

Built in partnership with police forces since 2008, Neighbourhood Alert allows members of the public to stay up to date with the latest news in their area. You will also have an opportunity to score the Public Sector on the messages you receive and to reply directly back to them, if you feel it appropriate to do so.

Tools for 21st Century Policing Presentation

Please review the following Neighbourhood Alert overview presentation. Product Director, Mike Douglas gave a 18 minute presentation at the Local Policing National Conference in 2019, which VISAV Limited also sponsored.  The presentation is a "whistle stop tour" through the main features of the system and how it is being applied.  Within this presentation are some summary results from the 2018 "How are we doing?" Alert survey including evidence of incredible success with behaviour change and prevent activity including a count of specific messages that have prevented incidents of crime, scams and fraud as provided by the impressive 86,987 respondents.



Your data is secure. Accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus. The Neighbourhood Alert network is hosted within an ISO270001 accredited environment giving users the peace of mind that all data is secure.

Help The Police Keep Your Area Safe

You will have the opportunity to let the police know if you have CCTV to help catch criminals, or let them know if you are willing to volunteer to help out your neighbours in the event of an emergency. Thanks to you, all of this helps to make your neighbourhood a better place to live.

Location Based Alerts

Users who download the Neighbourhood Alert smartphone app can also take advantage of location based messaging, keeping them informed of local alerts wherever they are in the UK.

Safety In Numbers

The fastest growing communications platform in the UK, with several Public Sector organisations and other partners working together to keep you informed and safe. In the UK at the moment we have over 570,000 members members who enjoy the benefits of staying connected with the Public Sector and working together to keep their community safe.

Example growth map showing one weeks new registrations across the UK in April 2018

Social Media Springboard

The Alert system is far more than a simple emailing system, the ability to manage the profiles of each individual member in a secure environment means that it can deliver targeted localised messages to an individual, group or location quickly and easily.  In addition, the majority of members are also active on other social media platforms and will share, post and forward messages whenever they feel it is appropriate to do so. 
Several Police forces are actively undertaking campaigns to ask members which platforms they are active on and whether they are, for example, Facebook group members or administrators.  Targeted messages can then be sent specifically to these "Social Media Ambassadors" for them to add to timelines, post to groups or add to their own Facebook pages.  This page in our Help Centre shows the processes the Alert system supports to enable quick and simple social media message sharing.

Sometime during early February this year, one of our Neighbourhood Watch areas in the Longthorpe and Netherton area of Peterborough was experiencing a series of house burglaries. The police managed to find out who was responsible for these horrible crimes. They put out an ALERT message to scheme members in that area, giving a description.

About a week later, having received the ALERT message from his co-ordinator, one of our members saw a man cycling past his home and casually looking at houses.

What he didn't know was, the sharp-eyed NHWN member had seen him and was on the phone to the police. Minutes later the burglar was arrested. He was later charged with several burglaries and remanded in custody. The police were very pleased with Neighbourhood Watch and, of course, the use of the ALERT system.

Neighbourhood Watch is good for you!

Alan, NHWN Communications Administrator, Peterborough Area