Janet Chapman, MSA & Vice Chair of the Greater Manchester Association

Janet became a member of Home Watch thirty years ago during which time she has had various roles, but she now chairs her local NHW group as well as being Vice-Chair for Greater Manchester NGW Association. Janet was nominated to take on the MSA role for Greater Manchester a couple of years ago and has set up an Association for North Manchester. 

Janet told us, “being MSA for Greater Manchester is a huge job. It’s made up of ten regional boroughs, so we have decided to try and split the role so that a nominated person takes the role of lead for their borough. But at the moment we only have one person who has taken this role on. The MSA role is really important. We just need to find a few assistants. I’m pleased to hear about the additional training which will be available from the NWN support team though.

I’m definitely no IT expert and often end up having to get additional support when doing the MSA role. It’s great to get all the information from NWN and VISAV and the staff at both are really helpful. My biggest issue is that the Greater Manchester Police only use social media and many of our members don’t use these channels. They have recently installed a new IT system, but without an engagement tool!”

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