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Street Safe.

Dear residents,

Hope everyone is well.

Have you heard of StreetSafe

StreetSafe is an online survey where you can submit an anonymous report of information about a place where you don't feel safe.

A crime doesn't have to be committed for a report to be submitted. It is also not a place to report crimes. This means that the information is able to be shared with other agencies who also have a responsibility to keep you safe.

You may feel that one of the street you use to walk home doesn't have adequate street lighting, or the bushes or trees are overgrown, preventing you a clear view down a walkway. These may be reasons you don't walk a particular route.

You may avoid an area of a park when you are dog walking because groups gather and there is always broken glass. 

These are good examples of why to submit a report. 

NYCC may decide to install better street lights in darkened streets. They might cut back the overgrown bushes. They may consider CCTV in other areas and task their cleansing team to patrol new locations.  

 It may not be seen as a Police matter, but we will see where our patrols can be placed to make you feel safer. 

Click the link to be taken to our website where you will find the form: https://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/notices/street-safe/street-safe 

Kind Regards 

Hambleton Neighbourhood Team.

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