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The Intelligence and Incident reporting section of this website has been designed and built to provide Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Residents with a positive weapon against Burglary, Anti Social Behaviour, intimidation and other criminal activity.

Why log incidents here?

  • Gather intelligence
    The information you collect and report here may seem at first insignificant but it could be vital. The sighting of a hooded character climbing over a wall, a gang of kids carrying sticks, a car kerb-crawling or an aggressive door to door salesman may just be the missing jigsaw piece or corroborative information that the police are looking for. The Nottinghamshire police intelligence team have committed to review every intelligence report put on this system and take appropriate action.
  • Independent stats
    By recording the incident here, you are ensuring that the police and other parties are given accurate incident figures for the area. On a regular basis the statistics from this system are compiled into a report for the police.
  • Time saving
    The police are very busy. This becomes very clear when you report an incident and the operator, quite rightly, evaluates your call and places it in a hierarchy, with the life threatening incidents and crimes in progress coming first. This system is designed to ensure that, however insignificant the information you are reporting, however long ago it took place and even if it is just a suspicious sighting not an actual incident, the facts can be recorded and made available to the right people.
  • Live Police resource
    The local Beat Officers have access to the system and can research events in your area. This will enable them to quickly and efficiently tie actual offences to reported incidents around the same time and place. Perhaps you have recorded a suspicious character selling goods from a van or a group of youths loitering in the area carrying stones and this information coincides with a local burglary or a string of smashed windows around the corner: The Beat Officer will tie this information together and your contribution will have been invaluable and previously unavailable.

Report all incidents

We know that on some occasions when Anti Social Behaviour occurs, it is not always possible to take the time to report an incident. It may be inconvenient or (because of worries about intimidation) impossible to report an incident by telephone. If you have internet access, this system is available twenty four hours a day for you to take the time to record as much information as you can remember regarding an incident. No pressure, simply record as much detail regarding the people involved, clothes, circumstances etc. You can also go back at any time and add to your observations if you remember something later.

What happens next?

Once you have recorded an incident the Police can access this information immediately and at any time afterwards, as soon as you save your report, your local Beat Manager, Safer neighbourhood team and the Nottinghamshire Intelligence unit will all be notified that an information report has been made. The incident will be presented to any officers when performing a search for crimes, incidents or any suspicious activity in your area. When you are logged into the system you are able to review any incident you have recorded and be able to see if the information has been accessed or used by the police. You will also soon see various graphs and charts regarding incidents reported by anyone on your road/street. You can also choose to make the information available to members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in your area so they can contribute to the compilation of information. As soon as anyone updates your report you will be notified by email and will be able to log in and review the response and reply.

How do I register?

Simply click here and complete the information requested. Your information is completely confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes other than to send you communications from the Information Providers you allow in your message settings (such as Neighbourhood Watch and the police).

Thank you for reviewing this information, I hope that you feel that you are able to join the system; Neighbourhood Watch only works if people take the time to contribute, your support, no matter how small, is much appreciated.

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