How to Register on a community or Neighbourhood Watch system

Thank you for your interest and for considering registering, the process is painless and totally free but a little drawn out as we need to verify that the details you give are correct. This is not a site for comparing crime stats for the purposes of relocation or media reports, we provide, where available, in depth information to concerned citizens and active communities in order to keep you informed about possible threats and to reduce the fear of crime with accurate factual information. We work closely with the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) to provide Neighbourhood Watch support, scheme tools and communication across the country. If any of this is of interest to you, please register and join us.

We can now offer free registration to anyone who lives in England and Wales. The level of support, service, frequency of messages and interaction with Police and Neighbourhood Watch will vary depending on your location.

How (and where) do I join?

The network of Neighbourhood Alert sites is rapidly expanding across the UK, please visit our Neighbourhood Alert Service Areas page to locate the most relevant site for you to register on.  Alternatively to register immediately click here

Each Neighbourhood alert site has a link to a registration form, during the completion of the simple form we will send you an instant email address verification email. This is to check that your email address has not been entered incorrectly. The email contains a link to a web-page that should be clicked on or, better still: cut-and-paste it into the address bar of your website browser. Please check your in-box for the email after submitting. Until you verify your email address you will not be able to gain access to many of the features of the system. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check you have filled in your email address correctly on the registration page by logging in with the Username and Password you created.

Join by telephone

Please be aware that this system is open to all residents of England and Wales, if you do not have access to a computer, you are still able to register and receive the benefit of Alerts by telephone or text message and be included in the postal distribution of Neighbourhood Watch News and information. To join and configure the system without using a computer: simply call the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) on 0116 229 3118, or call the administrator of your local Neighbourhood Alert website.

Protection of your data

Your personal information will not be shared, sold or disclosed to any third party outside of the Neighbourhood Alert Partnership. We strictly guard your privacy and any information you disclose to us. The configuration tools within this system will allow you to completely control who, how and when you receive information from us and you can instantly un-subscribe or further restrict what you receive at any time. For more information, please review our terms and conditions


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