Forward by the NHWN Chairman Jim Maddan and the Police CPI Lead for Volunteering & Citizens in Policing, DCC Rob Beckley

Jim Maddan: NHWN ChairAn effective communication system is the life blood of any organisation. From the earliest times when army generals relied upon fast runners and men on horseback, through the development of semaphore and the telegraph, to the telephone and the Royal Mail, we have constantly developed systems which were advantageous to the users of the time.
The Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network is no different. If we are going to keep our members up to date on what is happening in their immediate area, current offers from partners and the thoughts of central government, we have to move with the times and embrace modern technology.
The movement is thirty years old in 2012 and with a vast array of schemes which spread the length and breadth of England & Wales, there are few problems which have not been dealt with previously by one scheme or other, and the opportunity to share best practice is a vital resource for our membership. We do not want to be reinventing the wheel.
The new website is a vital part of the overall communications package and it enables the Network to keep in touch with all our members, share good practice and continue to provide a valuable resource to communities, as they continue to make the areas where live safe for everybody, and all Watch schemes should sign up as soon as possible.

Bob BeckleyThe mutual partnership between each police force and Neighbourhood and Home Watch (NHW) is increasingly important in these times of austerity. 

NHW has been delivering the Big Society for the last 30 years and is one of the largest voluntary movements within the UK. With over 3.9 million members, NHW continues to work with the police, looking out for their communities to continue to make communities a safe and nice place to live.
The Our Watch website is a great resource for NHW and forces to use alike to be kept up-to-date on current news and events, along with having access to a free resource centre.
The Neighbourhood Alert system brings a range of tools to help with the effectiveness of scheme administration adding a new dimension to the movement to identify the breath and variety of schemes across England and Wales, along with communication tools without cross boarder restrictions.

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