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MID HOLDERNESS: Your monthly Police Newsletter

Dear Resident


Seasonal Greetings

find attached the latest Police newsletter, please share this on your communities social media or print out the newsletter to give to neighbours


What’s happening in Your Area & Community Priorities?  

19 crimes reported during November, (up from 9 recorded in October 2023)


Humbertalking has set our priorities, this month we are to:

1. Reduce ASB – improve the quality of life.
2. OPERATION YULETIDE Preventing Residential dwelling Burglaries & vehicle crime
3. Rural Crime 

a. Residential Burglary reports: (one investigation) 
10/11/2023  attempted Burglary   Cherry Tree Close, BILTON        rear door lock forced, suspects disturbed by occupants and made off on moped, no entry gained and nothing stolen

b. Business Burglary reports: (one investigation) 
17/11/2023  Commercial Burglary     Hedon Road, BURSTWICK        broken window broken to gain entry to vacant business premises

c. Thefts: (six investigations) 
02/11/2023  Theft of fuel     A165 LONG RISTON        make off without payment of fuel
04/11/2023  Theft       Hull Road, ALDBROUGH       Theft of traffic cone from garden verge
09/11/2023  Theft          Main Street, CATWICK   theft of parcel from car port
15/11/2023  Theft       Glebe Drive, BILTON        Theft of Mobile Phone from parcel
28/11/2023  Theft of fuel     A165 LONG RISTON            Theft of fuel
29/11/2023  Theft of fuel     A165 LONG RISTON            Theft of fuel

d. Vehicle Crime: (three investigations) 
19/11/2023  Theft from a vehicle    Lime Tree Lane, BILTON  passenger window smashed, steal items along with vehicle’s front and rear number plates
23/11/2023  Theft of a motor vehicle      Lime Tree Lane, BILTON     theft of a blue 2019 BMW 140i 5 door saloon 
 29/11/2023  Theft of motor vehicle  Coniston Lane THIRTLEBY  vintage vehicle undergoing restoration taken from farm outbuilding 
e. Damage: (three investigations)
04/11/2023  Damage   Dancing Lane, SWINE    Brick thrown at window 
15/11/2023  Criminal Damage   High Street, WITHERNWICK   Damage to door lock
29/11/2023  Damage   Drove Lane WAWNE          Damage to security camera

f. Other: (28 other investigations) 
02/11/2023  Hate Crime  Hornsea Road, ALDBROUGH    juvenile used racist language
03/11/2023  Drugs -Supply/Production      Willow Close, SKIRLAUGH   Occupant arrested
14/11/2023  Dangerous Dogs  Chestnut Grove, SPROATLEY Family dog bitten family member
27/11/2023  Dangerous dogs Drove Lane WAWNE  dog been walked by owner bites two joggers    
29/11/2023  Dangerous dogs    St Peters View BILTON  dog on long lead bites postal worker
23 other investigations for harassment, stalking, public order, assault, child neglect and Coercive control 

Humber-talking has set our priorities, this month we are to:

1.        Reduce ASB - Improve the quality of life in the community
This period is always one of our busiest, however, we would like to offer reassurance to those who are looking to enjoy Christmas and a stark reminder to those intent of causing harm or committing offences, that we are out in force and ready to act against anyone spoiling others’ fun.
UPDATE - During November, reports of anti-social behaviour have reduced to three reports.
These include a report of trail bike driven at speed along Greens Lane, Wawne and two reports of youths causing nuisance on Hornsea Road, Aldbrough

Action - You will see a clear police presence on patrol in and around your neighbourhood over this period. We really want everyone to enjoy themselves, but we will be there to ensure we deal with any incidents quickly.

The Holderness Neighbourhood Policing Team works with our key partners and the community to reduce anti-social behaviour and the anti-social use of motor vehicles. We provide proactive responses to reports of anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhood Area and are constantly reviewing our patrol strategy to address this. We are working hard with partners to address this and ensure our market towns and rural communities are a safe place to live and work.



2.  OPERATION YULETIDE Preventing Residential dwelling Burglaries & vehicle crime


OPERATION YULETIDE is Humberside Police’s campaign in Preventing Residential dwelling Burglaries & vehicle crime during the festive season.

As the nights get darker and longer, it is usual for us to see crimes such as burglary and theft rise, particularly if houses and vehicles are unattended whilst you are shopping or just out enjoying the Christmas festivities.

Burglars are often opportunistic thieves who prey on houses, garages, sheds and outbuildings. They seek out any opening that they can take advantage of, specifically doors and windows that are left open or unlocked or are easy to force.

Please follow a security routine and check windows, doors and vehicles are secure before settling down for the evening. Visit our website for further advice www.humberside.police.uk

Please continue to report suspicious activity to the Police on 101 and in the event of an emergency – call 999 
During the autumn and winter months, members of the Holderness Policing Team will continue be out and about providing residents with advice on home security.

3. Tackling Rural Crime:

Rural crime is not limited to the farmyard. Serious and organised crime groups are often linked to rural and wildlife crime particularly in relation to theft of agricultural machinery and poaching like hare coursing.

Holderness patrols are reminding farmers to review their security and to keep their properties/equipment safe. In relation to the security of Tractor GPS Receiver and Screens, please visit the Police website for crime prevention advice around MARK IT, REMOVE IT and LOCK IT. 

ACTION: Operation GALILEO has restarted for the season. Throughout this year we have worked with volunteers on the Rural Watches across Holderness to deter rural criminality. In addition, we will utilise all the available technology, crime prevention techniques and assistance from the Rural Crime Team to deter and detect crime.


How you can help
Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team appreciates the importance of being in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons to reassure the public, improve public confidence and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area in which we all live and work.
We encourage all residents to call and report any issues where they live so that we can deal with any issues and also step up our patrols in the area. 

If you feel that there are other issues affecting you or your local community that should be given priority, please inform your local councillors or your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

News and Appeals
Please visit our website www.humberside.police.uk for the latest news & appeals

FACEBOOK users did you know? You can find out more about the work of your local officers and teams by liking their Facebook accounts: Please visit Humberside Police – East Riding of Yorkshire South www.facebook.com/HumberbeatERYS
Twitter (X) users can keep up to date with events, alerts and traffic news within Mid Holderness by following the community team @HumberbeatERYS and @PCSODarrenB.



In December 2023, the dates and locations are as follows:
1st - Friday          5pm     - Main Street WAWNE village Christmas parade & tree light up
9th - Saturday         11:30am      -Coniston Village Hall, Swine Lane, CONISTON
15th - Friday            11:30am      -Wentworth Grove Community Room, ALDBROUGH

PCSO Darren Bainton

Preventing stolen doorstep deliveries
Practical advice to reduce the risk of being affected by the growing trend of theft of items left unattended by delivery drivers.
Preventing theft from your doorstep
Here are some things you could do to reduce the risk of doorstep theft:
• track your parcel to ensure you or someone else is at home for the delivery.
• install a video doorbell; this can be connected to your mobile, so you are notified immediately of any delivery, and is easier to install than a full CCTV system.
• install a security light.
• arrange for your parcel to be delivered to a trusted neighbour, or other family members who will be at home; if you live in a flat, is there a concierge who could accept the parcel for you?
• use an off-site locker service for frequent deliveries, or for expensive items; these parcel boxes are more likely to be in busy, safer locations - such as supermarkets - rather than secluded areas which could be targeted by thieves.


“We Hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness."

Happy Christmas from everyone at Humberside Police


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