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Good Evening,


It has been some time since I last sent a message out regarding the setting up of a committee for the Northumbria Force area. My apologies in advance as I was waiting to get as many responses as possible then time ran away with my full time job and then Holidays and here we are staring December in its face.


So in Total including myself there are going to be a total of 8 members sitting and will always welcome new committee members later down the line.


I will be totally honest I have never set a committee up before so this is all very new to me and will be delighted for a steer from those with more experience.


I do know we will have executive positions such as chair and vice chair so to speak and it does not mean I will automatically be chair however I will put myself forward for it and it is up to the committee to vote in favour etc.


Positions I know we will need are 



Vice Chair




I will give you my email address so we can then communicate with each other away from here so I Can then give you the chance to reply to me directly with any thoughts you have etc. my email is northumbrianw@gmail.com 


I am no expert in arranging meetings over teams/zoom either so it will be good for someone to take a lead on that as at some stage we will be needing meetings etc.


Please feel free to drop me a mail with positions that you would like to go for can be more than one as well as treasurer is a role more by title so someone can look after any funds we accrue either by grants or fundraising ourselves etc and any spend will be done as a vote with the chair being counter signatory to any spending so its fully accounted for etc.


I cannot wait to get working with you all as Northumbria gets its First ever Neighborhood watch committee and you are going to be a part of it. Exciting times indeed!!!!


I look forward to hearing for you all soon.


Kind Regards,



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Michael Appleton
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