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Birstall & Wanlip Newsletter

Hello all.


Welcome to the latest Birstall & Wanlip Newsletter coming to you today from PCSO 6174 Jon Harrison.


The chilly weather is now upon us and with it comes icy roads so please take your time in the mornings and evening and be extra vigilant of other road users.


On the agenda for the coming days, PC 1365 Stu Venables will be looking to attend the Christmas Fair in Wanlip on Saturday the 2nd of December and will be conducting a Street Consultation on Sunday the 3rd of December on Cliffe Road between 10 am and 2 pm.


On Monday the 4th of December, PC 1365 Stu and PCSO 6174 will be conducting Speed Checks on and between Fielding Road and Elmfield Avenue.


We have been approached by members of the public in relation to ongoing traffic problems occurring within the vicinity of Greengate Lane/Woodgate Drive/Walnut Avenue and further on Birstall Road during the mornings and evenings and we will be looking to do more Speed Checks in the weeks ahead.


Please keep your eyes on further announcements on the Leicestershire Police website, Charnwood Police Facebook page &, of course, Neighbourhood Link for upcoming Beat Surgeries, Street Consultations and other further operations/events. 


Until next time, stay safe stay warm.


PC 1365 Stu Venables

PCSO 6389 Nuala Sherlock

PCSO 6174 Jon Harrison

Birstall & Wanlip Local Policing Team

Leicestershire Police


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