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Help from Neighbouring Scheme required

Hi Philip,


I hope you are keeping well?


I have had a Coordinator from Hendon email me asking for help as he has a small NW watch of 4 members and is having alot of Anti social behaviour going on. I am tapping into you as you are about 2 miles away so within close proximity and would naturally know the geography and contacts far better than I ever will.


With your permission can I give Roger your email address etc so he can go through what is going on and any help you can provide certainly in the case of police contacts etc will be invaluable. I am of course going to provide Roger with some help and best practice etc but I am one person covering a vast area and I think it would be good to buddy up.


I will add Roger to your NW group on here incase you send out messages to your members through this platform and the Geography does make sense. 


Hopefully between us we can help Roger and his area with this unwanted behaviour.


Best Regards,



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Michael Appleton
(NWN, MSA/Development Lead, Northumbria)

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