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Road safety concerns Ysgol Cynfran

Good Afternoon, 


Please could I take a moment to raise concerns in relation to parking around Ysgol Cynfran, in Llysfaen. 


It has been brought to our attention by both the school and local parents that there are a number of persons who collect and drop off children at the school who are causing numerous issues by their manner of parking. 

It has been said that a small number of parents / carers are causing concern by double parking causing the road to narrow, fully parking on pavements and double yellow lines and as a result, persons including young children are having to walk around vehicles and into the road, at times into the flow of traffic. 


In the past week there has been an incident whereby a young child has almost being struck by a passing vehicle due to this issue. 


I would like to take this time to remind people to think about where they park as I would much rather speak with parents to prevent any harm coming to their child rather than having to attend their address to explain that their child has been injured for this reason. 


We will be working with the school and looking to engage with any parents where necessary. 




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PCSO 2726 Matthew Preston
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