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Riverside Team: A Summary of Our Working Week

This week the Riverside Team have:


1)      Patrolled car parks to deter vehicle crime, which is a current Neighbourhood Priority.


2)      Patrolled Tower Street, West Street and Newtown Street, giving Crime Prevention Advice regarding burglaries


3)      Patrolled areas where cycle thefts are prevalent to deter offences, which is a current Neighbourhood Priority.


4)      Proactively gone out to arrest outstanding suspects regarding domestic abuse. Three persons successfully arrested and processed.


5)      Made positive use of stop search powers, with two persons found in possession of cannabis.


6)      Attended and conducted initial investigations regarding three separate neighbour disputes.


7)      Completed “Safer Routes” patrols given the darker nights.


See you next week!


 PS Joe

Riverside Team

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