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Month end report Trinity

It's that time again.

November saw us looking at fireworks and bonfires. I think the residents of Picadilly Square were trying to compete with Lowerhouse Cricket club for bonfire size which initially raised concerns but the advice from the fire crew reassured us that it would be fine and residents seemed to have a good handle on it. I hope everyone had a good night I don't believe we had any calls in relation to issues and I can confirm houses are still standing!


The past couple of weeks we've had a spike in domestic burglaries centring around Picadilly Road area upwards. Residents in THAT area are already aware via a separate message. It's mostly been overnight burglaries. Items taken are generally games consoles and televisions. I believe they've made a mess and caused quite a bit of damage getting in which is never nice for home owners to come back to.


Anti-social behaviour specifically around Albion St / Picadilly Road has been comparatively quiet this month. Be it through less incidents or people not reporting things. Burnley Council have had some reports which have been fed back to us. We will link in with the Council to continue to work towards resolving the issues. Local Councillors have also mentioned the same.


There have been some pockets of anti-social behaviour including in the form of door kicking. Knock-a-door run is bad enough but you'd take on the chin but door kicking is a big no. We've some good CCTV from residents and are reasonably confident we can speak to a few parents.


Remember folks, no report means no support. If you don't ring it in on 101 or 999 then it hasn't happened and we won't do anything about it. Yes it can take a long time to report things on 101 but without it it's not going to happen. Even if we can't help you on a few occasions each time you pick up that phone is a chance that we can help.


Finally, if you want to mention any recent incidents to me that you perhaps may feel are below ringing 101 or 999 (that aren't happening now) please just reply back to this message.


Definitely finally, I've registered some users on to this system by accidentally using their last name first. So Mr John Smith would be Mr Smith John. You can log into your profile and edit this. Any issues drop me a line. Sorry.


Regards to all,

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