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A frosty reception for opportunist car thieves

A frosty reception for opportunist car thieves 


For the last couple of mornings in Coventry, we’ve all woken up to cold mornings – and cars that need defrosting. 


Please remember it’s really important you don’t leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running – even though it might feel tempting. 


Over the last couple of days we’ve seen an increase in vehicles being stolen as they were defrosting or had been left to warm up. 


Criminals can take the opportunity to steal high value vehicles in this way as normally their advanced security technology makes it difficult. 


We know sometimes people think they’re being security conscious by locking the door of the car with a spare set of keys, while leaving the other set in the ignition. However, thieves can still smash a window in order to drive away in your vehicle. 


As the colder mornings have only just arrived, and we’ll be expecting more over the coming months we want drivers to get into a good habit of keeping their vehicle as secure as possible. 


No matter how late you are running you should never leave your vehicle running as you to nip inside the house to collect your bag or drink a last sip of coffee. 


We know this happens. And opportunist criminals know this happens. 


Car insurance policies are often invalid when cars are stolen in this way - the owner is deemed to have been responsible for the theft. You could be left out of pocket as well as without a car. 


It only takes a few seconds for someone to jump in and drive away. Our advice is always to stay with your car as it defrosts and use de-icer spray or a scraper to speed up the process. You could also sit inside your vehicle while the heater de-mists the windscreen. 


Please share our message with friends and family. Thank you. 


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Peter Sturgeon
(West Midlands Police, Engagement and Consultation Officer, West Midlands )

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