Thank you for visiting the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NHW) scheme and user registration system. Registration on this system is the first step in either making contact with NHW or if you have one, registering your scheme with us. You will be able to configure exactly how and when you would like us to communicate with you and what level of information you would like to receive.

In some areas, you will be able to report information regarding incidents, potential crime and anti-social behaviour. You may also be able to create and review local crime statistic reports and start a Virtual Scheme to get a feel for some of the advantages of joining Neighbourhood Watch.

Thank you for your interest and for considering registration, the process is painless and totally free, we will verify that the email and address details you give are correct before full access is granted.
Please be aware by registering online you are not starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme; you are simply registering your details on our secure database and agreeing to receive information. For more details regarding who we are and what is involved, please review our terms and conditions.
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